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short informative posts about marketing with ai tools and sharing top tips for prompts

Welcome to the NicheBlasta blog
My name is Tony Hayes and I am the creator and writer of this blog. I started the NicheBlasta blog as a way to share great tutorials, tips and curate the best AI marketing content i come across daily.
On the NicheBlasta blog, you will find a variety of content covering AI for marketing, traffic, advertising as well as some demos and updates from the NicheBlasta tool too.
Now, I’ll be upfront and tell you now that the content will mostly be short form, bitsize pieces of information and actionable content that you can easily consume and i can easily share.
This is not about writing for search engines with endless fluff to make long form content that people scan or no one reads anyway.

I am constantly finding and testing new and exciting AI marketing stuff in the trenches which provides me with things to write about, and I welcome any suggestions or requests you may have.
Thank you for visiting the blog and I hope you enjoy your time here.
If you would like to keep in touch then sign up for a free video script writer tool below, and you’ll be on my list.
Heads up, i do send out promotions for NicheBlasta and my other tools, and i do send recommendations as an affiliate marketer too, but only for products that i think are great value and that i would buy for my own business too.
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